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Our Story

We began in 2004 with the simple intent to build something unique. We wanted to create a place where our employees could come to work and take ownership over their own success. When we started, we provided the tools for our software developers to design targeted and intuitive technology solutions that exceeded our clients’ needs. But we quickly realized that IT development wasn’t our end game: we didn’t want to hand off solutions without providing the support and guidance to help get the most out of our services.So we grew and added sophisticated Project Management expertise to our solutions. Our approach to engage with our clients on both a technical and practical level helped us drive improved operations and deliver better and faster results.But we weren’t done growing. We saw opportunities to do more with our business and started helping our clients establish themselves as thought leaders, innovators, and sustainability managers in a variety of business environments. We incorporated experts in strategic communications, strategic planning, risk management, and process improvement. We are now a company equipped with the best possible means to create the best possible solutions.We are JPI. We were founded upon the idea that our collective success is the result of our daily work to do right by those for whom we work. We create processes, develop management approaches, coordinate change, and build technologies that help our clients overcome obstacles and thrive. We discover. We design. We develop.JPI. Solutions. Delivered.