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Risk Management

Risk Management

Some say risk is unavoidable. We disagree. At JPI, we partner with our clients to navigate the uncertainties that accompany operational risk. We know mission effectiveness is nonnegotiable despite the obstacles. We have the processes, tools, and expertise to design Program Management solutions to turn risks into opportunities.


An integrated risk management strategy considers both preventative planning to avoid risk and tactical mitigation efforts to respond if risks threaten mission success. We believe that knowing where you want to end up helps find the best course of action faster.


We systematically review program vision and execution to identify potential roadblocks. We start by asking the right questions that affect the ultimate goal.


Successful plans reduce the impact of uncertainty. We help find a path to follow when a clear way forward seems out of reach. JPI implements a customized enterprise risk management strategy accounting for the fact that the greatest risks are not always the most obvious. We work alongside our clients to identify the unique aspects of each situation and customize the best solution using the most effective practices and technology.


Our risk mitigation and resolution best practices generate proportional responses that are integrated into regular business operations, minimizing the impact on resources and sustainability. The return on this approach includes documented improvements in project value and increased stakeholder confidence which allows for greater agility as risks emerge.

Continuous assessment and evaluation responsive to today’s obstacles
but agile enough to change with your growing business.