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Innovation moves business.

JPI provides the solutions necessary to solve problems and help your organization grow stronger. At JPI, we specialize in developing custom solutions that stand out, but never stand still. We help our clients grow and evolve, providing the right management techniques and tools to help along the way.

Our dynamic management consultants think big and dedicate themselves to ensuring their clients’ success. We solve problems, think strategically, and work hand-in-hand to make sure solutions align to each client environment and challenge. JPI thrives on creating sustainable solutions to help our clients navigate their organization and achieve mission success.

Our Services
Continual Process Improvement

Successful organizations must continually improve their processes to maintain excellence.

Our holistic approach to Continual Process Improvement identifies the barriers and implements the strategies your organization needs to ensure a collective mindset focused on high performance.


Our facilitators are experts at identifying root issues and creating plans that establish clear definitions of success. Our strategies drive efficient, controlled improvement with aggressive timelines.


We analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of processes via performance data, revealing opportunities to eliminate waste, reduce redundancies, avoid bottlenecks, and develop accurate predictive performance metrics. Our approach to analytics helps to design varied, practical, and lasting solutions.


We remain closely engaged throughout the change management process, tailoring communication and training to accelerate proficiency and ensure successful change adoption.


We institute internal controls, allowing you to monitor operational efficiency while making continuous improvements to performance.


Cyberattacks continually threaten your business, creating problems that disrupt your productivity, infrastructure, and customers.

We recognize not only the gravity of these issues, but how quickly technology and new threats are evolving. Our team of experts develop targeted security strategies to mitigate threats so you can maintain mission focus.


Using a holistic approach, our facilitators identify potential vulnerabilities across the organization and plan approaches to mitigate risks. We identify operational and technical toolsets to strengthen your business, constructing a prioritized timeline for implementation that meets your emergent needs.


We develop an integrated solution of policies, doctrines, and technical management processes to stay ahead of cyber threats.


We implement our solutions using clear and regular communication to ensure your business continues uninterrupted.


We train your workforce in new toolsets and processes that further enhance organizational security. At the same time, we also monitor the progress of our planned approaches and continually track emerging threats.


Comprehensive, consistent governance establishes credibility based on the pillars of participation, transparency, and accountability.

JPI helps create and support a strong and successful governance frameworks, taking into consideration the importance of consensus and responsiveness while balancing competing priorities and the need for deadline-driven decisions.


We work with you to clarify your mission and goals, and to stand up the processes, infrastructure, and policies that support them.


We assess existing governance to identify any gaps in policies, processes, roles, responsibilities, and forums for communication.


We track milestones and document policies to ensure efficiency and alignment across the organization to improve overall operations.


We integrate targeted and routine evaluation methodologies to improve governance processes and help leadership stay ahead of emerging opportunities and challenges.

Human Capital Planning

Good people create effective organizations that achieve results.

Our human capital support is based on a simple belief: when it comes to your employees, you want the best. We design custom strategies to guide your employees from onboarding through continuous professional development and beyond.


We assess baseline capabilities and future personnel needs to identify requirements and align efforts to improve overall performance.


We define the required skills and proficiencies for critical positions and targeted growth. We then design strategies and practices to attract the talent needed to achieve organizational objectives.


We incorporate training and certifications into our human capital planning strategy to ensure required competencies and training budgets are considered, and professional development of the workforce is prioritized.


Based on established requirements, we create robust career paths that empower your workforce to grow skill sets and competencies, measure progress, and attain goals.

Performance Management

Success in an organization is predicated on shared motivation and a thorough understanding of mutual goals.

It isn’t just about executing the mission now, but also ensuring that training, guidance, and support are in place to continue anticipating and advancing the mission in the future. Our approach to performance management focuses on identifying the expectations of employees and leadership, then designing and implementing sustainable performance and engagement models that drive remarkable results.


Knowing why an organization exists, and what drives its success and motivates its people, is the foundation for improving performance. We help you visualize your goals and identify the skills and competencies your workforce needs to help you reach them.


Effective planning begins with developing a baseline. Our tools help define where you are so that you can move forward to where you want to be. Our cascade strategy ensures individual performance and organizational successes are defined and tracked to achieve targeted results.


Performance Management is a constantly evolving process, impacted by new circumstances and environmental changes that organizations face daily. We help anticipate these changes by identifying capability gaps and developing strategies for improvement with a focus on increased efficiency and productivity.


Successful solutions require the proper alignment of resources to an organization’s goals. Every employee plays a role in achieving performance objectives and requires access to the right tools and information to be motivated to continually improve and advance.

Program Management

A well-planned and coordinated Program Management approach sets the foundation for success – it improves coordination between project teams, enhances stakeholder engagement, and mitigates emergent risks.

We view our Program Management support as a partnership, working to design the most appropriate strategies using our proven methodology.


We help you identify achievable priorities and distinctive goals to ensure the most effective structure that will position you for success.


Successful solutions require the proper alignment of resources to an organization’s goals. Every employee plays a role in achieving performance objectives and requires access to the right tools and information to be motivated to continually improve and advance.


Our systematic and tested approach to developing and implementing your customized plan ensures stakeholder alignment and engagement that holds program teams accountable for delivering on time, in scope, and within budget.


We offer repeatable and scalable approaches to tracking deliverables and timelines, identifying areas for improved or enhanced responsiveness to emerging program needs.

Risk Management

At JPI, we partner with our clients to navigate the uncertainties that accompany operations.

We know mission success is non-negotiable despite inevitable obstacles, so we design risk management strategies that turn threats into opportunities. We integrate continuous assessment and evaluation into our process, resulting in solutions that are agile and risk-responsive to mitigate and resolve issues before they affect mission or business success.


Our comprehensive risk management strategy considers both preventative planning (to avoid risk) and tactical mitigation efforts (to prevent risks from becoming issues that threaten mission success). We align strategies to enterprise objectives and program goals to propose the best course of action for each risk.


We systematically review program vision and execution to identify potential roadblocks. We start by asking critical questions, working to uncover risks that could affect the ultimate mission success.


Successful plans reduce the impact of uncertainty. JPI implements a customized enterprise risk management strategy that accounts for the fact that the greatest risks are not always the most obvious. We work alongside our clients to identify the unique aspects of each situation and customize the best solution using the most effective practices and technology.


Our risk mitigation and resolution best practices generate proportional responses that are integrated into regular business operations, minimizing the impact on resources. Our method results in documented improvements in project value and increased stakeholder confidence that allow for greater agility as risks emerge.

Strategic Communication

To accomplish your goals your stakeholders must understand and work toward a common solution, which can only be achieved through effective communication.

By providing the tools and expertise to drive initiative planning, branding, and comprehensive communication campaigns, we can help you find your voice.


We tailor communications by conducting stakeholder analyses, identifying gaps, and developing strategies and tools to engage the right audiences at the right times.


Using defined, researched-based communication goals, detailed action plans, and integrated implementation timelines, we build effective messages that produce results.


Our guidance and technical experience create and execute the tactical communication products and tools that drive the engagement required to achieve enterprise objectives.


We assess the success of our communication campaigns using Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) objectives that help you adapt as needed.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning sets the framework for the business models, governance structure, and targeted initiatives to help your organization accomplish long-term goals and achieve mission success.

No matter the need, we’ll help you realize your vision.


We study all facets of your organization—from structure and governance to culture and values—to document the operational landscape and define the fundamental motivations behind your strategic vision.


A strategic plan defines the focused priorities that set the direction for your organization. Our facilitators map your mission and vision to goals and objectives that drive initiatives and actions, ensuring organizational alignment.


Strategy is useless without adoption. Our facilitators employ tools, technologies, and management techniques to effectively communicate and integrate your strategy across all levels of the organization.


We collaborate at every step of the process to track progress, identify performance indicators, and report status of prioritized objectives to ensure effective implementation of the vision.

Software Development

Ingenuity without planning can do more harm than good. Planning without innovation can make organizations stale.

Our agile software approach prioritizes innovation, providing a structured method to iteratively develop, test, and deploy tools that will transform your vision into reality.


Our IT consultants and developers collaborate to provide integrated solutions that match defined requirements. Our development framework integrates an Agile mindset and frameworks with industry standards (such as the Capability Maturity Model Integration [CMMI]) and modern software development best practices (DevOps) to deliver scalable solutions that meet emerging needs.


We create top notch solutions leveraging our technical expertise in emerging technologies and programming languages, implemented with mature software and systems development best practices.


Our rigorous testing process verifies all requirements and mitigates risks long before they become issues.


Our teams deploy user-friendly, custom technology solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with external systems, combined with system integration services to promote maximum return on investment.

Transformation and Modernization

Transformation and modernization orient existing strengths with future goals.

Effective transformation is about creating and iterating more efficient business models that maximize ROI. Our systematic approach focuses on preparing your infrastructure, technology, and personnel to succeed in a dynamic, digitally driven world.


Using structured interviews and discussions with executive leadership and senior-level stakeholders, we assess your organization’s highest priorities and greatest challenges to chart the way ahead.


We collaborate with you at every turn to ensure that transformation and modernization efforts are always focused on the best courses of action to impact the future. We adapt and adjust our approach to changes as necessary, always keeping your vision in mind.


Our team of facilitators apply practical experience implementing complex organizational changes to craft effective communication strategies and campaigns that promote education and adoption, guaranteeing effective results.


We facilitate targeted follow-on sessions to establish metrics that help us measure progress, continue to identify risks to adoption, and develop mitigation strategies to ensure successful organizational change.

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